Reader Welcome

Welcome to my first blog!

What do you get when a lifetime of loving the earth and all things of nature collects in your heart?  Sweet wisdom! Based on my real-life experience seeking human insights, my blog posts will challenge everything you think you know about acquiring wisdom. The blog will chronicle my unique quest and often humorous journey to gain wisdom.

I’ve found not all wisdom is siphoned from bitter experiences in a life. Wisdom has a sweet side, revealed when you take joy and give delight in the daily routines that comprise a human existence. We will nibble at nuggets of knowledge with weekly posts that will be an easy big-hearted read, chuck full of good thoughts and energy.

Inspiration comes from a bus full of children I drive to and from school every day, daily walks with our yellow lab, Wally, to ponderings over split pea soup and every pause of wonder in between. It is my hope you will be inspired to recognize and acknowledge the existence of simple sweet wisdoms in your own encounters with life.

In February, 2017 my first book, Sweet Wisdoms, was released by Shanti Arts Publishing. It’s been the positive push for me to write more consistently. Now that the whohaa of becoming published has died down, there is something I hope starting this blog will bring back to my daily routine—space to create.

Want to know more about me? Go to the “About” tab, located at the top right of my blog home page to read my bio.

Excited and delighted to begin this joy journey with all of you! You have already opened my heart wide and deep.

In gratitude,


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