Sweet Wonder!


It’s been awhile and much has happened since my last post. I took some time to step back and gain my foothold in life. A big part of that was taking a course to be certified as a Forest Therapy Guide, also known as Forest Bathing. It’s a relational practice that brings people into deeper intimacy with nature places. My certification through the Association of Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANTF), will be complete in May after attending a 4-day immersion in Colorado. The experience has opened my relationship with nature wide and deep. Delightful discoveries continue to reveal themselves to me as I embrace the way of the guide as a lifelong journey.

Simultaneously with the certification program I had my second book, Sweet Wonder, accepted for publication through Shanti Arts Publishing! It’s available now on Shanti Arts which I highly recommend checking out. The link is located upper right hand side of this page. So many amazing authors! I love her new “Quotes” page and the most recent, Still Point Quarterly, is out and it’s free.

You can order a copy through Amazon in both book/kindle form, and many other online book stores soon. Including bookshop.org which a lot of people like. Sweet Wonder would make a sweet Mother’s Day gift, in my humble opinion 😁

I have several local in-person events coming up to sign and sell copies. These are my favorite! Sharing our stories reminds us that we have far more that connects us then separates us. I am grateful for all of you that have supported and encouraged me to keep writing over the years. Especially, those of you that follow this blog. With all my heart, I thank you.

Nature creates wonder * Wonder opens hearts* Open hearts illuminate the world.

In deepest gratitude,


White Prayer

In this, the third week enduring a polar vortex, I retreat from winter’s cruel bitter cold, which is a turn towards home, for body and spirit. I joyfully follow the open way to the inner mysteries that warm and sweeten one’s soul. A mind’s haunting howl is hushed when its wrapped in winter’s white shawl.

The one white that covers the landscape, inside and out, softens the pointy places that poke holes in my peace. Beneath the layers and layers of heavy cold and clothes, I search for something to raise my heart above the worries of this world. I feel the lightness of wonder watching the snowflakes sift and drift through the sky’s blue like dreams in a deep sound sleep.

I am blanketed in the warmth of winter’s prayer, to trust Creator will give me strength and endurance to face everything that hurts, everything that makes me turn away, everything that tries to blur the beauty of winter, even a polar vortex.

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