Wally Walks

Everything about Wally was big,
his paws,
his head,
his heart,
his presence,
his Spirit,
his love.

It’s hard to write this without blurry vision and the keyboard getting pummeled with teardrops. Wally our beloved yellow lab, my constant companion for nearly 12 years, crossed over on September 15th. Near the end we forbid him to ride in the four-wheeler wagon because of the discomfort it caused, both putting him in and taking him out. Well, I did give in to his insistence a few times.

Wally was given one last ride in the four-wheeler wagon but this time it carried the heaviness in our hearts too. His grave sits on a little hill under a sapling oak. The healing will take time. Like everything else about Wally, the void he left behind is big.

Below is re-post from a year ago or so with a few minor variances.

Walks with Wally in the open field are unconstrained. His boundary tethered to trust. Obedient to ghostly trails of scent, nothing stops the pursuit except one thing. My booming voice echoing, “BACK!”, over the land. He seemed to know the precise moment to come in my sights. Right before panic could set in. It was the way he returned, his joy knowing no bounds, that made me believe love and not fear returned him to me.

I often followed him to that place of freedom. Flushing out unopened places in my mind. Meandering through tight thickets of thought. Like Wally I went about it unhurried and unworried.

Now that Wally carries the heaviness of age, he’s more often than not a few steps behind than a few yards ahead. In his energetic youthful days, he’d pause occasionally to glance back. Confirming my pace as either keeping up or falling behind. Adjusting accordingly. I now faithfully return the favor to my dear friend.

Wally’s devotion runs as wide and deep as an old river. Together we have walked in beauty, in the darkness that haunts the light and in each other souls. Together is all Wally and I have. Our time together is all I will remember.

Believe in love and not fear.
Return to each other.
All of us—together— it’s all we have.

Author: sweetwisdoms

Angeline Haen was raised on a small dairy farm in Sobieski, Wisconsin, where the love of the earth and all things of nature collected in her heart. She and her husband, Andy, steward a forty-five acre hobby farm and tend to the needs of two teenagers, four beehives, a 110 pound yellow lab named Wally, two and a half horses, flower beds, berry patches and gardens. Her first book, Sweet Wisdoms, was released by Shanti Arts Publishing in February 2017. In 2015 two of her poems were published in the Wicwas publication entitled Safe To Chew. When she’s not writing, you can find her sharing some lov'n from her oven, driving a school bus or watching grass grow.

9 thoughts on “Wally Walks”

  1. Please tell Wally stories from time to time. They have always touched my heart… my way of getting to know your beautiful companion. They are with us such a short time, and that time is filled with unconditional love.


  2. Hi Angie, I’m not sure if you remember me, we met at an Intuition class at Golden Light Healing. I just read your SW post about Wally, and I want to send my deepest condolences.

    I remembered how fondly you spoke about Wally at the class. I could feel how sweet he was, and how important he was in your life. He was often mentioned in your posts, too, another indication of how much he was a part of you.

    Our beloved Gracie cat crossed over on July 23rd. She was 19 years old, deaf and the sweetest thing.

    Wally and Gracie will be in our thoughts and hearts for many days to come. We can take solace in knowing they are pain free, and living the fantastic, in the great expanse. Their spirits will always be with us.

    Sending love, warmth and light to you.

    Blessings, Betty Zuleger-Schulz



    1. Of course I remember you! We were partners 🙂 It’s the hurt that’s hard. Sorry for your loss. I’m trying to think of his passing as gaining a Spirit Helper. Just going to take awhile to get there. Be well. Be Blessed Betty.


  3. Angie, I am so glad I had a chance to walk with Wally. So sorry for your loss….a sweet pain, as you know he moves on from discomfort.
    I am living with a 14 year old dog, who is blind and selectively deaf, but loves to travel. The the aging, he gets undear foot and somethimes we are mad at each other. Thank you for your story and for reminding me to enjoy these days…….


  4. Just beautiful Angie. My heart hurts for you. It’s so hard to let go of a great friend. Their love is so pure and unconditional. No matter what your day was like they just loved to see you come home and walk through the door.


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